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Florida is home to a vast number of freshwater and saltwater fishing spots. Before fishing anywhere in this beautiful state, you must purchase the appropriate Florida fishing license. Nowadays, your fishing license can be purchased quickly and conveniently online, at most tackle and sporting goods stores, or even from your local grocery store in some cases. 

After you’ve purchased your fishing license, you should familiarize yourself with the various saltwater and freshwater fishing regulations and rules about the sizes, amounts, and types of fish allowed to be caught. In some cases, certain fish species may only be caught during specific months. To learn more about the fishing license you’ll need and the various laws that apply to this activity, click on the “Get a Florida Fishing License” button below, and the relevant information will be provided.

Fishing in Florida and how to get a license to fish legally?

Citizens must get a valid license to fish or hunt without repercussions within the given jurisdictions. Fishing licenses are issued based on the location you want to visit. However, the licenses will vary based on several factors. Florida is and has been a tremendously popular fishing destination for Americans, and that begs the question, how do I buy a Florida Fishing License Online? In this guide, we shall walk you through the essential things you must remember when looking to get a valid fishing license in Florida.

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What are the types of fishing licenses?

You should be ready to specify the exact waters you want to fish at before you are given your license. People between the ages of 16-65 can get a valid fishing license from the local authorities. However, any age older than the specified might call for special considerations. The types of fishing licenses you need to be familiar with are discussed here.

  • Snook fishing – only Florida residents can get a Snook fishing license, not without parting with an extra $10 for a special permit besides your saltwater license. This is because Snook fish are unique, interesting to catch, and taste great.
  • Lobster license – All anglers must acquire a salty water fishing license before they are allowed to capture any lobster in Florida. A unique 5-year license will cost you $25 plus a particular add-on limit of $5.
  • Freshwater license – An annual licensing for freshwater fishing can cost you up to $17 yearly; however, the five-year deal can cost up to $79. Your license will specify the type of aquatic life you cannot take from the water.
  • Combine licenses are for only Florida residents who want to fish in salty waters and fresh water. The licenses cost $32.5 yearly and might be great for you when you are a salt and freshwater fishing fan.

How to get a fishing license in Florida

You should visit the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Florida if and need to fish. They have a website where you can apply for your license and renew it should it expires.

There are also smartphone apps for anglers, for instance, Fish|Hunt FL, which are made by the state to help people purchase licenses, check the progress, shop for fishing, and other tools needed for hunting.

1-888-FISH-FLO (347-4356) is also a number that you can call to get instructions on how you will get your fishing licenses once in Florida. Lastly, you can also get a physical license card that you only need to pay $5 before it is mailed to you.

Note All licenses have special dates indicating the dates from when they were validated to when they will be expired and need to be renewed to be used. It would help if you were careful where you seek your license to avoid scammers taking advantage of you, especially when making online payments.

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